Timeline of Events

Below is a timeline of events for the characters, stories, and investigations.  The "minor" investigations can be found here on the web page under S.U.P.I. Investigations.

Fall Semester Begins

  • October: The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor investigation (Story. Release date July 12, 2022).

  • December: Molly Hutchinson House investigation (Web Page)

Spring Semester Begins

  • February: Black Thistle Tavern investigation (Web Page)

  • April: Grishum Gristmill investigation (Web Page)

  • May: Evelynn's Investigation of DeMaine's (Web Page)

Graduation/Summer Session

  • June: The Haunting of  McDoon Plantation (Story. Current Project.)

Fall Semester Begins

  • September: The Haunting of DeMaine's (Story.  In Progress, more in thought process).

Spring Semester Begins

  • April: The Haunting of Kelly Fair (Story. Thinking/Planning Phase).