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Strathmore University Paranormal Investigators (S.U.P.I.) Investigations

The Strathmore Univesity Paranormal Investigators, otherwise known as S.U.P.I., is a sanctioned university club that investigates, documents and educates others in the paranormal by lectures, research and investigations.  The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor is the first in a series that revolves around the clubs activities and adventures.  

This section contains "minor" investigations that happen between the books.  Written in the form of short stories the purpose of these entries are to introduce a new character, provide more insight into an existing character, discuss paranormal equipment or techniques and to have fun.  I think a lot about these characters and what they are doing in between the stories.  The idea of having small adventures occur between the major stories seemed like a good idea and a distraction for me when I got bogged down on the big picture.  The time line will help describe when these investigations occur.  Don't worry no spoiler information is in these short pages.

Molly Hutchinson House

Grishum Gristmill

Black Thistle Inn

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