Crimshaw Manor Bonus Material

This page contains some of the actual documents from the Haunting of Crimshaw Manor Investigation.  I have added them here to give the reader a bit more perspective to the story.

This map is of Crimshaw Manor and the grounds.  It was originally made the first night by Robb for "tactical reasons".  While not to scale it gives the viewer a general placement of the house, barn, gate, garden and thick forest that surronds the Manor.

If you are wondering why the map is burned that is a story in and of itself and another reason Robb should not be allowed near open flames.

Crimshaw Manor map.JPG

This map was likewise almost "lost" to fire.  It is a simple layout of Crimshaw Manor.  It is not to scale, but gives the viewer another idea of the layout of the interior.

Book Club Question for

The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor


  1.  The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor explores the paranormal.  What are your thoughts about this subject?  Do you believe in the existence of Spirits?  Are you a skeptic?

  2.  Stephen and Evelynn both have traumatic events happen to them in their teen years (Stephen’s night at DeMaine’s; Evelynn’s friends’ accident).  Do you believe that traumatic events have a significant influence on future events in the form of decisions, choices, or preferences?  Do you believe that trauma can change a person in unexplainable ways?

  3. DeMaine’s is the new night club owned by Ted Rexpen and home of Stephen Davenport. What are your thoughts about DeMaine’s?  Do you believe that a location can have residual energy from past events occurring in present time?  What do you think is going on at DeMaine’s?  Would you live in a place rumored to be haunted?  Have you?

  4. As a teenager, Stephen and his friends enter DeMaine’s at night.  What spirits does Stephen encounter?  What do you think they are and why are they there?

  5. Evelynn seems to have the unusual ability of having Psychic dreams.  Psychic dreams are manifested through different types, ie: Precognitive, Clairvoyant, Telepathic, Astral, or Visitation.  What is the difference between these types of Psychic dreams?  What do you believe “triggers” Evelynn’s Psychic dreams?

  6. During the first night of investigation the “Skunk Ape” makes an appearance.  What was your first impression of this thing?  Do you believe the group should have continued the first night’s investigation after seeing the “skunk ape”?

  7. During the first night of investigation the group experiences several paranormal phenomena; EVP, apparitions, physical movement of objects, audible noises… Which type of phenomena do you believe was most significant? Why? Why do these phenomena happen?

  8. After the first night’s investigation do you believe it was wise to go back to Crimshaw Manor or wait a few days?  Why or why not?  Would you have done things differently knowing that not only spirits were in the house, but a “skunk ape” also was lingering around the property?

  9. A variety of equipment is used to collect evidence of paranormal activity.  What piece of equipment is your favorite and why?

  10. Who is your favorite character?  What makes them interesting to you?

  11. Elizabeth Crimshaw haunts Crimshaw Manor.  Why?  What would put her spirit to rest?

  12. What are your thoughts regarding the technique Spiritus Viatorem?  Do you believe that repetitive behavior in life can leave an imprint behind?

  13. There are several reoccurring themes throughout the story.  Can you discuss some of them?

  14. Why did Benjamin Crimshaw do the “unspeakable act”?

  15. In the Epilogue it is Stephen who has a very powerful dream.  What do you make of that?

Musical Inspiration
The following songs really struck a chord with me while writing The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor.  I may do a video in the future explaining how the song and the story interact.  Until then I will let you listen and think.  I hope your happy by Blue October.  When I heard this song all I could think about was Evelynn's and to some extent Stephen's relationship.  It is a fast paced song, like Evelynn, but has a underlying message in it.  Stephen always hoped Evelynn was happy.  Their relationship didn't have a chance when they first meet but circumstances have given them a second chance.  Will they take it??  Homesick by The Cure.  The Cure is one of the best bands of the 80's.  Their music goes deep into one's soul.  This song, which is mostly instrumental, just gave me an impression of Crimshaw Manor as it sat in darkness alone with only shadows walking it's hallways.  It could have been so much more.  A home of light and laughter but now it only is a haunted echo of the past. Breathe me by Sia Quiet by MILCK  Distance by Christina Perri Where’s my Love by SYML Praying by Kesha Daylight by Blue October