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Welcome to Strathmore

So you want to know more about Strathmore; the town, the University and the surrounding area? Check out this area for what is known and what might not be known....

Strathmore, Virginia lies upon the Western side of the state; South of Winchester and North of Harrisonburg.  The city originally was built on the East side of the Amangamet river but has since expanded across to the West Side, connected by the only bridge in town known to locals as the Sentinel.

The city is composed of two distinct areas; East side and West Side.  East side contains the Old Town, older original homes, the iron works and surrounding farm properties.  West side is "newer" and contains the University, single family homes, apartments, plazas, restaurants and college bars.  Known as "downtown" it is sometimes referred to as DT.  Demaine's is in the West side down near the waterfront.

Strathmore is named after Lord Edmund Strathmore who had served with distinction during the French and Indian War and was given the land upon which the city florushed from.  Originally a fort and trading post the University sits upon the original home site of Lord Strathmore even perserving the original Mansion house which is used for the Univerisites administrated spaces and President's office.

When the war ended in 1763 Lord Strathmore seemed to have either retired to his estate, returned to England or had died; history dosens't record which.  The estate, however, was maintained and a series of caretakers began to care for the land and it's affairs eventually having a manor house constructed in the North Western portion of the property.  This manor house was to be eventually referred to as Crimshaw Manor due to the influential and tragic lives of Benjamin and Elizabeth Crimshaw.

Crimshaw Manor is said to be haunted due to the mysterious disappearance of Benjamin Crimshaw, his young son Jonathan, and the discovery of Elizabeth Crimshaw's body found hanging in the foyer of the home during the blizzard of 1868.

Strathmore University, as mentioned previously, was established upon the grounds of Lord Stathmore's estate per his wishes

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