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The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor


Hello.  My name is Mark E. Drotos, author of The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor  which is due to be released by BHC Press July 12, 2022.  It is the first of a series that documents a fictional University Paranormal club that investigates the strange and bizarre.  This site was developed to give readers of my works insight into the characters, the world they live in and a forum for questions, comments and new information.

There are several different areas for you to explore.  My Bio page speaks of me, the Strathmore page talks about the city and the University where the majority of the stories take place while the S.U.P.I. Investigations page speaks about "minor" investigations that the club has done that are not in the books.  These are in the form of short, and I mean short, stories.

Feel free to contact me or post something on the blog pages.  I will be updating this site,, with new information as I am able to.  Thank you for visiting!